By day she is an Administrative Assistant-punctual, efficient, professional, well liked by her peers. But, as twilight begins to set over the Choice City she discards her pant suit and pumps for a pitch-black wig and a seductively sardonic wit. Alexis Hmielak has been portraying her alter ego, Arachna of the Spider People, on her FC Public Media program, Beware Theater, since 2013 and has attracted a devoted following. Along with Arachna’s live in boyfriend, Deadly, who is a skeleton of a man, she plays horror films from the past for her audience and dissects various scenes with incredible knowledge and intelligence beware theaterof the backstories behind the films. Watch Beware Theater, which airs each Friday evening at 8:00pm on FC Public Media Channel 97 here http://www.fcpublicmedia.org/. Like her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/BewareTheater. On VOCAL, we will explore what inspired Alexis to create Arachna, how she became so knowledgeable about old horror films and learn about the tremendous work that goes into developing a show each week.

VOCAL: Voices of Colorado in Art and Literature Ep. 1 Chris Bates

On tonight's episode of VOCAL we learn how a chance meeting with a famous band gave award winning Colorado artist Chris Bates the confidence he needed to take that leap of faith into the art world. From his signature Finetoon drawings to his Old Town Fort Collins murals and art history project with a well known mountain music venue, we explore Chris' life as an artist. Learn how Chris uses his gifts to inspire communities and help those challenged by tragedy, as well as explore his prized art wo


Haunted Holidays! Oops, we mean Happy Holidays from Haunted History After Dark! Thank you so much to all of our wonderful and courageous guests and supporters and we wish you all the best for the new year! Below enJOY the story of Fort Collins first documented murder which happened on Christmas Eve 130 years ago this Saturday! The Holiday Season is alive on the streets of Fort Collins. Talented carolers who wander from business to business singing the classic Christmas jingles rouse the Tiny T


With warm evening mercury readings and blossoms on the trees, spring in Fort Collins is in full gear and Haunted History After Dark fans have been enjoying the mild temperatures with a night out on the town to learn the most haunted and historic tales of Old Town - like Jonathan at left. Hopefully, it looks like the nights hovering together in front of a historic brothel or on top of an ancient grave site in a snow storm are behind us. But, we definitely made some cozy acquaintances. Speaking o